Thursday, April 2, 2015

Joshua Eure to Launch New Consulting Agency EureMedia

Joshua Eure, a broadcast and digital senior content management veteran announced today the launch of EureMedia, a NYC-based media consulting agency focusing on talent development, multimedia production and media coaching. Capitalizing on Joshuas 20 years of experience leading news operations in large markets, Eure-Medias mission is to help TV stations build diverse and successful management teams. In addition to talent development and recruiting, the company provides strategic media relations, consulting, training and coaching for those looking to break into the news broadcasting industry or move further up the ladder. EureMedia has the expertise and resources to connect our clients with the right opportunity to grow their brand. We will always have our clients best interest at heart with a laser focus on building productive relationships with news outlets. As a boutique agency our goal is to position our clients for the most rewarding financial opportunities and career growth. EureMedia also helps clients build their brands by advising and monitoring their digital footprint. We deliver maximum exposure for our clients through social strategy. An award-winning news producer, Joshua honed his management skills in local newsrooms for 15 years. Joshua served as Executive Producer at WWOR-TV in New York, WSB-TV in Atlanta, and WFOR-TV in Miami. Prior to launching his consulting career, Joshua was also a Senior Producer for ABC News in New York and Senior Content Manager for Republic Media in Phoenix. Joshua knows the ins and outs of the industry, and provides guidance and business tools to get into the business. Making the right connections is only half of the challenge says Eure. Knowing how to deliver a story and make a strong connection on camera requires a very unique set of skills. Our experience in the News and Media industry affords us the means to help new talent develop a clear understanding of the business, the connections and nuances of how to come across like a news professional. About EureMedia EureMedia ( is a New York City-based media management firm specializing in talent development, multimedia production, media coaching and consulting.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Video and Podcast Optimization Session at Philly PodCamp 2008

Philly PodCamp was a great event, the horrible weather didn't stop all the social media enthusiasts from gathering in Tuttleman Learning Center at Temple University in Philadelphia .
I attended a few sessions and one the first one was "Universal Search, Podcasts & Video" by Li Evans.
Li talked about tips and tricks on how to optimize your video and podcast for search engines.
The Basic Video and Audio Optimization Rules are:
1. Select relevant and eye-catching title
2. Put important keywords in the title if it will be a part of your URL
3. Tag videos properly on video sharing sites
4. SEO your video description just like you would SEO your webpage and make sure you 5. Always provide pod/video transcript and make sure you optimize it for your keywords, include header tags and do your usual SEO spiel.
6. Provide people with a code so they can embedd your video easily to their blogs/sites
7. Give your video some link juice - link to it from all your web properties if you can
8. Use hyphens as opposed to underscores or + signs for video file names
9. Use multiple feeds for multiple file types (mp3, wav, etc)
10. Create and submit Google Video Site Map
11. Use automatic submission site like TubeMogul.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Your LinkedIn Profile: Keep It Professional

I always kept my LinkedIn profile strictly professional. It has always been reserved only for people I either had worked with in the past, or people I crossed paths in the Industry I belong.
I really liked the feature that you have to select the position and/or the company from the drop-down box, or have to actually add the job to your "LinkedIn Resume", and it's like a whole new story. I have a little over 100 contacts and never raced to become 500+ superstar. The 500 past and current colleagues? Gee, you're either a hell of a job hopper or had worked for huge corporations and added everyone from the executive team to the tech support people.

Some people even post their email address to the profile, since an email address is required to be added to your network. Also I often come across the message on personal blogs "I believe in networking power, connect with me on LinkedIn, my email address is!"
Interesting enough, I came accross the List of Social Computing Strategists at Enterprise Corporations.
As you can see the majority of these Industry leaders have less than 300 LinkedIn contacts in their networks. And I am sure they receive dozens of connection requests daily and they know WAY many more people in their respective industries, and they do have MANY friends, but they chose to be selective and only add those they had a professional ties with.
To me LinkedIn profile were more like an addition to your resume and employment verification at the same time. I still get amused when HR department requires people fill out these obsolete employment applications with a last 3 places you worked and 3 references. Just look at my LinkedIn profile and please spare me from all these useless paperwork!
To my surprise LinkedIn claimed 47% of the UK's web users are mixing their social and professional lives by accepting networking invitations from "frolleagues" - basically from your friends or from the people you really had zero professional interaction, just know them socially outside the work.
It was nice to find out that the majority of LinkedIn users (73%) feel the same way and they wanted to keep them separate. However, 36% of workers feel an obligation to accept friend request from colleagues, even though they don't really have any professional relationship with.
"It's becoming increasingly important that we keep our professional and social lives separate and manage our online reputation as effectively as possible," said a LinkedIn spokeswoman.
So I would only add people I worked with, for everything else is a Facebook.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Social Media Camp NYC Recap

Social Media Camp that took place on August 7th, 2008. About 200 social media enthusiasts gathered @ Sun Microsystems headquarters in Midtown and again, much like all un-conferences it was a great success. Unfortunately there were no wi-fi and I couldn't blog so I rely on my tweets to re-capture the event.

Sessions I Attended
Online Community Best Practices by Jay Bryant
This presentation is a great resource for any online community manager out there. Jay shared the tips and advice on how to grow and promote the community using as an example.
There are 5 ways to socialize the brand:
1. Understand the culture
2. Integration
3. Participation
4. Trust
5. Leadership
Interesting enough, Jay pointed out that organic search is responsible for 30% of all traffic and stressed out the importance of SEO in the community promotion process.

Do City-TLDs Provide the Basis for City-Based Social Media? by Thomas Lowenhaupt
The session was dedicated to the concept of the Top Level Domains for the cities, particularly for NYC as the start.
The audience came up with some great ideas on how NYC and its residents can benefit from having .nyc domain name for different purposes.

"Content is King, but Quality is The Queen" by Rob Blatt and Chris Cavs.
The discussion spinned around of the importance of the quality of pod- and video-casts. The question whether professionally done videos are more likely to go viral was left unanswered. Yes, Internet is flooded with "look at me" videos where everyone with webcamera can produce them a dozen/day. However, will the professional equipment help if you don't have a well-thought idea behind it? Or the random shot videos or Chris Crocker's phenomenon rule?
Personally I don't consider myself an expert in this particular topic so I was just observing and learning.
I found this "Quantity vs Quality" article by Chris Cavs very interesting.
And maybe yes, in ideal world I would totally prefer a professionally done video with a great original idea and a killer screenplay. Sigh.

"Twitter 101" by Howard Greenstein
Howard started the session by asking the question “How do you use Twitter for business?"
Some responses included:
1. To gather information
2. News
3. The dialog with Industry's leaders
4. Community participation
The interesting question came from the audience "How do you make friends on Twitter?"
To sum it all up:
1. Create an account
2. Find out if people you know are already on twitter and start following them
3. Locate people that talk about the topics you are interested in using and start following them
4. Start participating in the conversation - offer an advice or help if needed
5. Talk about something you are expert in
6. Install twitter on your phone and respond to your friends timely
7. Get addicted :)

"How To Deal With Big Social Networking Sites"
This session was hosted by Jason Kinner, CTO of Ringside Networks
Jason talked about how to make your website integrated with the major social networks.
Ringside Networks enable you:
• Connect your website members to the Social Web
• Connect members to friends on your website, Facebook, or any OpenSocial site
• Connect social applications to your website, Facebook, or any OpenSocial site
• Connect your social applications to your content, data, and systems

Sessions I Wish I Attended

"Customers, Clients and Social Mediators, When the Wiki Becomes CoLaboratory" by Loretta Donovan

What Old Media can teach New Media: Media Convergence & Integration, Social Media, and Professionalism by Howard Greenstein

So a big Thank You to the presenters and organizers of Social Media Camp for making this event great.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Social Media Camp NY

I am looking forward to Social Media BarCamp tomorrow. Hopefully I will be liveblogging and meeting lots of cool social media peeps.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Social media foe Agencies

I am attending Agency Bootcamp in NYC!

Visit Agency Bootcamp

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If You Google Knol

So, we are all excited - Knol is here.
The official URL is
I just entered Knol in Google and the official page of Knol can not be found. Yet :)

Just a thought about Google results relevancy