Friday, July 20, 2007

More social media for corporations in 2008

The good news is that over 90% of marketing departments are planning to incorporate a social media campaign at some level in 2008. The bad news is that over a third are yet to use social media tools in their organisation.
According to a survey, conducted by Lewis PR at PR Week's New Media Conference 75% of attendees are going to use a blog as a social media weapon in 2008, an increase of 50% compare to last year.
The number of companies planning to use social networking increased from 33% to over 70%.
Interesting to know that 25% of surveyed marketers are currently setting no marketing budget aside for new media projects. But they're planning to do so in the future:
by 2009 up to 66% of marketers will set aside up to 25% of their budgets on social media spend.
The primary goal 85% of attendees trying to achieve via social media employment is to improve customer relationship.
To my gunuine surprise almost 23% believed the advantages of social networking participation are unclear and 42% felt that the costs outweigh the benefits.

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