Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do You Look Good On Google?

Forget the old fashioned business cards, these days all the information you need to put on it is simply your name. While you are introducing yourself to a prospective business partner, employer or simply somebody who caught your attention, know that your name will be typed into Google the next business day or the same night to get a scoop.
Some people speed up the process.
I remember standing in the bar waiting for my friends to show up, when a stranger approached me with an attempt to start a conversation. He actually handed me his business card, but at the same time he said "Google me" pointing at my Treo. This is something I couldn't say no to as the reputation management professional :)

The stranger had a very unique combination of First-Last name so it was quite easy task. I have to admit that my new acquittance did a good job managing his online presence. From the top ten Google results I learned about his company, his professional credentials, his book available for sale on, and his awards and recognitions. Not bad for a person who doesn't know about the existence of social networking sites. He turned out to be a plastic surgeon.

Interestingly enough, he never took any steps to build his digital presence or reputation, but he looked his best on Google.

So sometimes it's just good enough to be a good person I guess :)


billso said...

Good comment! As more professionals use social networks, it's important to check how these networks affect their Google search results. Sometimes users reveal far too much about themselves on social networks. I posted an article yesterday about this.

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aboutACAP2.0 said...

it even gets hareder, visual search is on the rise
plus visual social networking not far behind