Saturday, July 19, 2008

Boston Podcamp 3

I made it to Podcamp in Boston, planning on attending Tuming Buzz into Business By Christopher Penn at 10:30 am. Also interesting sessions is SEO 101 by Greatest Living SEO Sri Nagubandi, maybe will stop by later.
Day 1
Christopher Penn opened his presentation by asking who knows what ARBITRAGE is. Two people in the auditorium actually knew the definition :)
What is MARKETING? is the next question. Very interesting audience replies. Marketing is the sharing of ideas summed it all up.
What works?
A very convincing snapshot of gmail Inbox with 25678 un-opened mail was very convincing.
Four people from the audience read a newspaper this morning. Nobody could remember what they were reading about. And thinking about all the money spent on the paper advertising.
So what is BRAND? A label? A logo?
Brand is an emotional aftertaste of a previous experience.
Brand has to be worth talked about. If product sucks nothing matters. You know you have a really good idea if you can't stop talking about it.
You need to have a STORY, not just a bunch of marketing messages.
If you can fit your marketing message in one Twitter post - you are on the right track.
Sales tunnel:
1.Audience (a crazy web 2.0 world) - sign up EVERYWHERE
Be YOU on every media vehicle
2.Get them to your website
3. Determine prospects
Start with your database, your mailing list is a first stop.
Find who already likes you and find people with similar interests.
4. Start the campaign
People communicate with you by creating UGC or CGC.
Use Google to find people. Once you found them - add them, develop a relationship with them.
5. Convert them
Networks - Website - Database.
All you need is to give people a clear call to action on your website and on any campaign you launch.
6. Customers
A problem with new media: WORD SPREADS REALLY REALLY FAST.
Don't neglect your customers.
7. Finding Evangelists
Give them tools that are easy to use. Make your URLs are super obvious. Give them widgets, graphics, free stuff, something to play with.
8. Measuring
Google Analytics rock. is a good way to track your visitors eyeballs.

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