Saturday, July 19, 2008

How to Stay Productive With So Much Social Media

How to stay productive with SO MUCH social media by Jared Goralnick at PodCamp Boston.
Jared opened his speech with a video of Gary Vainerchuk about how to cut the noise.

Social Media Tools to save your time: - transcribe your thoughts to the email

Transfer your voice mail to text messages (GotVoice, PhoneTag)

Textexpander or texter - custom keyword abbreviations to insert frequent phrases

Timesnapper or RescueTime - track your activities and time with screenshots and text filters. Compare your productivity with coworkers.

Mailexpire or Mailinator - sign up with temporally email addresses

BugMeNot - if you don't feel like signing up

Stop clicking next in your Google result - increase your number to first 100

Change your contact preferences - get rid of unnecessary notifications and alerts.
Stop Email Auto-Check

Once you reach the number of people in your network that following them all and responding to their messages becomes unmanageable - jump out and turn it off.

"Get your value and then get away"

Monitor your brad with a separate account - Google Alerts, Twitter

Develop a filter habit and clean up your mailbox.

Create your own "Cone of Silence" - give yourself a time to focus and don't let anything distract you. Multitasking is not efficient.

Be responsive, not TOO available

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